Why is it so difficult to create disease-specific antibodies and treat protein misfolding diseases? 

With more than 30 known types of protein misfolding diseases, the majority have no approved therapies. This is not surprising given the following challenges and barriers to drug discovery: 

  • How does one design a drug that targets the often-scarce disease-causing forms of the protein, while avoiding the abundant, healthy forms which often perform important and critical functions in the body?
  • How does one unravel the often complex disease mechanisms that underlie protein misfolding diseases and use this to design an effective therapeutic strategy? 
  • How can one be sure that the therapeutic intervention functions as intended and ensures that it encapsulates precision-based medicine?
Paradox’s unique approach includes capitalizing on our experience in the field of protein misfolding research and the use of a groundbreaking lead identification and validation platform that gives us a competitive edge to overcome these challenges.

The Paradox Advantage

The Paradox Platform can identify unique features on target proteins that are only present in diseased forms, allowing us to make antibodies against them.

Experienced Team

The experience of the founders and scientists gives us an unmatched ability to decipher the complexities underlying protein misfolding disease mechanisms, allowing Paradox to generate transformative therapeutics with a track record of success.

Successful Track Record

To date, the Paradox team has already used our first of its kind platform to trailblaze therapeutic developments in 4 different protein misfolding disease indications, so we know what it takes to make a transformative therapy.

Paradox Immunotherapeutics is now ready to use and expand its platform to solidify its position as the global leader in protein misfolding therapeutics.

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